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 First NamePlyWinSetGamePts
1. Daniel Groll112:012:43
2. Sabine Reeder100:24:121
3. Franz Eigner000:00:00
4. Viet Nguyen000:00:00
5. Antoine Knapen000:00:00
6. Piyush Khosla000:00:00
7. Tamiris Diversi000:00:00
8. Saurabh Rao000:00:00
9. Benoist Guillaume000:00:00
10. Mark Kanak000:00:00
11. Matthew Cranitch000:00:00
12. Julia Victoria000:00:00
13. Stefano 000:00:00
14. Stuart Russell000:00:00
15. Frederik Janicki000:00:00
16. Christoph Schoppe000:00:00
17. Pietro Pavoni000:00:00
18. Philippe Pourreaux000:00:00
19. Kerem Enver Yücel000:00:00
20. Francesco Esposito000:00:00
21. Agustín Kierez000:00:00
22. Till Van Elst000:00:00
23. Enrico Stella000:00:00
24. Kate Whyte000:00:00
25. Gordan Vitevski000:00:00
26. Satoru Niwa000:00:00
27. Daniele Vallotto000:00:00
28. V. Diachenko000:00:00
29. Hannes Schneider000:00:00
30. Samuel Boyd000:00:00
31. Arturo Huhu000:00:00
32. Thomas Howey000:00:00
33. Manuela Mellini000:00:00
34. Dean Verde000:00:00
35. Roxane Pronier000:00:00
36. J. Klein-Altstedde000:00:00
37. Gabriel Heiler000:00:00
38. Kagan Yilmaz000:00:00
39. Gautam Reddi000:00:00
40. Marine Caillaud000:00:00
41. Manuela Schinina000:00:00
42. H. Quezada000:00:00
43. Michael Hasenfratz000:00:00
44. Claudia_1984 000:00:00
45. Sandra Will000:00:00
46. Hassan Javaid000:00:00
47. Simone Vogel000:00:00
48. Gabro Stobbe000:00:00
49. Camilo Vergara000:00:00
50. Maximilian Schürer000:00:00
51. David Lieske000:00:00
52. Lucy Lyons000:00:00
53. Laura Serrano000:00:00
54. Tin Gotovac000:00:00
55. Linda Sauer000:00:00
56. Mats Schade000:00:00
57. Jeremiah Luna000:00:00
58. Simon Goodall000:00:00
59. Paul Laffan000:00:00
60. Raid Hammod000:00:00
61. Jeff Mailey000:00:00

Latest scores

All players
16.10.2019. -
Daniel Groll66
Sabine Reeder13


All players
25.5.2019. - TC Grün-Weiß Baumschulenweg e.V.
Frederik Janicki66
Satoru Niwa31

18.5.2019. - SPOK
Ime1390 Prezime1390746
Sabine Reeder662

9.5.2019. - SPOK
Stuart Russell66
Enrico Stella14


All players
28.4.2019. - TC Grün-Weiß Baumschulenweg e.V.
Tamiris Diversi66
Viet Nguyen10

27.4.2019. - SPOK
Francesco Esposito66
Sabine Reeder44

26.4.2019. - Berliner Brauereien
Frederik Janicki66
Stefano 00

25.4.2019. - Squash-Tennis-Nord
Frederik Janicki66
Piyush Khosla10

25.4.2019. - SPOK
Saurabh Rao76
Ime1390 Prezime139063

All players
24.4.2019. - Berlin Mitte Albert Gutzmann
Christoph Schoppe66
Franz Eigner23

23.4.2019. - TIB 1848 E.V
Agustín Kierez66
Saurabh Rao34

16.4.2019. - TIB 1848 E.V
Saurabh Rao66
Matthew Cranitch31

14.4.2019. - Weiss Rot Neukölln
Antoine Knapen66
Daniel Groll11

13.4.2019. - SPOK
Ime1390 Prezime139066
Sabine Reeder42

9.4.2019. - SPOK
Pietro Pavoni67
Stuart Russell25

9.4.2019. -
Matthew Cranitch66
Sabine Reeder52

8.4.2019. - Weiss Rot Neukölln
Piyush Khosla66
Daniel Groll10

7.4.2019. - Weiss Rot Neukölln
Antoine Knapen66
Stefano 33

7.4.2019. -
Piyush Khosla66
Stefano 14


All players
29.3.2019. -
Mikhail Oparin656
Viet Nguyen373

Unfinished matches
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Published: 9.3.2021. (Danko Greiner)


We got new WhatsApp group for arranging matches,

available only to our members, more info HERE.

Published: 17.5.2020. (Danko Greiner)

We are back 2020

After "long" winter and Covid-19 crisis Berlin is opening tennis courts.
Join our tennis community if you need partner, info about tennis clubs or anythig tennis :)

You can track your scores, follow rankings, stats and player's profiles.

And don't forget to enjoy and have fun!

Published: 12.5.2020. (Danko Greiner)

September league

September league is on it's way.

Make sure to email your opponents with times which are best for you.

Good luck to all!

Published: 2.9.2019. (Danko Greiner)

Tennis September


Please Register for tennis in September.

If you are already a registered player, you will get an emai soon, where you can apply for Septemter.

Happy to see you back on courts!

Published: 19.8.2019. (Danko Greiner)

May extended to June

Due to not-so-many matches played we are leaving same groups throug the June.


Published: 21.5.2019. (Danko Greiner)

May 2019

New schedule is here!

Congratulations to league winners:

1st league: Tamiris Diversi
2A: Pietro Pavoni
2B: Piyush Khosla
3A: Saurabh Rao

Don't forget to Send mail to players, it's the best way to start planning your monthly matches.

Good luck to all!


Published: 30.4.2019. (Danko Greiner)

Add your match to calendar
Feel free to add your scheduled matches to calendar.
Maybe somebody is nearby and will stop just to say hi and see some good tennis :)
Also, it can serve as reminder for your matches.
Published: 5.4.2019. (Danko Greiner)

Start of April 2019

New schedule is here!
We got 20 players diveded in 4 leagues:
1st league, 2A, 2B and 3A.

Sabine Reeder and Franz Eigner are representing most active players of our league, with more than 40 matches played.

We are welcoming our new players: 
Christoph Schoppe, Hauke Naporra, Mohamed Hasan, Pietro Pavoni, Daniel Groll and Frederik Janicki!
Please help them arrange first matches.

Don't forget to Send mail to players, it's a best way to start planning your monthly matches.

Good luck to all!


Published: 31.3.2019. (Danko Greiner)

April 2019 - Start of spring season
Apply for April Tennis league!
Good weather is finally coming, and open courts season starts, so it will be easier to find and book tennis court.
New players, please register, and if you've registered before, just send me an email.
We will form groups of 5 players. Contact your opponents, book a court, play a match and report a score.
At the end of month, winners will advance to higher league and losers will drop to lower league.
Please apply ONLY if you can play during April. If you can't play now, you can always join at the beginning of next month.
Good luck! :)
Published: 20.3.2019. (Danko Greiner)

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